System Integration

Today’s increasingly fluid business environment and complex new technologies can present a formidable barrier to a business’s successful execution of strategy. The vast array of internet, mobile, PC and server applications many organizations now find themselves using, call for harmonious, watertight interoperability between business systems.

AmityIT’s system integration expertise equips our clients with a solid technology platform for surmounting business challenges, speeding up innovation and generating opportunities that ensure consistently top notch performance. We demonstrate our passion for managing the risks arising from complex dissimilar applications by developing practical, straightforward, easy to understand and readily testable solutions.

Our integration service includes:

  • Process mapping and scenario planning
  • Application integration
  • Network integration
  • Platform integration
  • Disaster recovery planning

As some companies have painfully learnt, poorly handled system integration can generate chaos that has the potential of grinding even the most established multi-national businesses to a screeching halt. AmityIT’s extensive knowledge, world class experience, highly trained staff and professional project management makes us the preferred systems integration services provider for a growing number of organizations.

In each project, we take time to first establish what a client’s goals are before developing a thorough plan for integrating disparate applications into a scalable system that functions seamlessly. AmityIT’s systematic but flexible approach gives you that much needed peace of mind by building solutions that make sure your information is always within easy reach whenever you need it regardless of where it is stored.

Whether the integration involves off the shelf applications, customized software or ground-breaking technologies, we have proven adept at successfully tackling generic, industry-centric and organization-specific system integration challenges. Our customers know they can count on AmityIT to deliver first class execution within the quickest time possible.

At the core of our integration success is not just our structured approach, constant innovation, regular research, state-of-the-art tools and strategic partnerships with key technology solution providers – most importantly, it is our people. AmityIT’s system integration team is a careful selected assemblage of highly skilled and consummately passionate individuals who are joined together by an unwavering commitment to keeping our clients delighted.

Make your business stronger, more efficient and globally competitive by tapping into our system integration expertise today.

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