Custom Software Development

The physical and online shelves tech stores welcome hundreds of freshly-developed software each month. From freeware, shareware and proprietary releases, there is something for everyone. So naturally, it would seem puzzling that anyone would want to purchase custom software.

Yet, for all its allure, off-the-shelf software is not always practical. Even when it does work, the functionality it provides is limited and may not always meet your business’s specific need. Indeed, history is replete with organisations that ordered an off-the-shelf application but had to discard it 1 or 2 years later at great expense.

Custom software development is not only a great way for your organisation to distinguish itself from the competition but also a path to developing an application that’s a perfect match for your business requirements.

Top-notch software must be accurate, resource-efficient and end-user friendly.

By engaging our custom software development team, you can bank on meticulously-built applications that provide you with that invaluable competitive advantage. In a world where products in every industry are increasingly homogenous, the quality of service powered by world class software can make the difference between retaining and losing clients.

Custom software development is not without its critics and cost is often fingered as a major impediment. Indeed, there was a time when the budget for building a custom application was out of the reach of all but the largest organisations. But the emergence of new programming and development technologies has seen this cost slashed considerably.

In any case, looking at the immediate price tag is not the most accurate way to determine the cost of software. When you factor the purchase price and the business efficiencies custom software delivers in the long run, the cost of tailor made systems may ultimately be substantially lower than that of off-the-shelf applications. And the size of your business does not preclude you from enjoying the benefits of the improved efficiency.

Custom software development ensures that the application mirrors your business processes. That means less resistance from staff compared to a new system that will require significant changes to organisational workflows. And unlike off-the-shelf software where the purchase costs and license fees include payment for features you will never use, custom applications match cost with functionality.

We recognize that custom software development houses are a dime a dozen. That’s why we hold certain principles dear. Take our flexibility for instance – we believe that as a developer of bespoke enterprise applications, we must be willing to change our own processes, perspective and thinking if we are to build system for our clients that work exceptionally well. After all, you are the subject matter expert – our role is to simply build the technology that will actualize your strategy.

When your organisation makes the decision to purchase software, it is driven by a business need or a quest for operational efficiency. Any time wasted between your decision to buy software and the time the complete application is available for your use can be costly. Our use of prototyping is deliberate as it allows us to get a working model available to you in the shortest time possible. Prototyping also ensures we fully understand your requirements as early in the project as possible with additional benefit of building camaraderie between our team and your organisation.

The quality of technology can never surpass the skill, experience and knowledge of the team that develops it. Our custom software development team collectively possesses extensive experience in building world class windows and web-based .NET systems.

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