Web Development

We provide professional web development, design and maintenance service. Our team of developers and designers has completed numerous projects broadly varying in size and complexity. Whether you are looking for a basic brochure website or an expansive multi-faceted portal, we have a rich resource pool at our disposal to deliver a product that is nothing short of world class.

AmityIT’s skill set spans the entire spectrum of website development - from the front-facing web pages to the databases and infrastructure that forms the back-end.

Our websites stand out for:

  • Appealing User Interface – First impressions still count. Your website’s friendliness, navigability and overall attractiveness will make the difference between first time visitors returning and their first visit becoming their last. We combine nuances of your corporate colors with a carefully thought out layout to produce a web page that stands out for its professionalism. Page-to-page movements are kept intuitive taking into account your business process workflows


  • Functionality – A great user interface is a powerful way of convincing new visitors to linger a little longer on your website. But you will not keep them for very long if your site does not come through on the functionality it promises. We understand that seamless functionality is what will ultimately take your site beyond eye catching attraction onto becoming an indispensible tool for business.


  • Loading Speed - The world’s number one search engine Google now includes page loading speed in its criteria for determining website ranking in search results. That’s why we build complete but efficient sites that load fast. Before you sign off on any site we have developed, our quality assurance team tests functionality across all major web browsers to ensure a consistent experience for page visitors. The testing also encompasses browsers running on tablet PC and smart phone operating systems.


  • The Joomla Advantage! - Our use of Joomla’s content management system means you do not have to possess programming or HTML expertise if you want to perform basic updates to the website once it’s deployed. This alone substantially reduces the maintenance costs over the long term as you do not have to contact us each time you want to make minor, routine changes. The content management system gives you unfettered access to non-technical publishing, document management, audio-visual uploads, access rights management and website statistics.


  • Modular Development – The modular approach makes the additional of new functionality relatively easy as your organization’s needs change. It also has the added benefit of churning out a working website fairly early on in the development process. That means bugs and any misunderstanding on requirements can be captured and corrected before it becomes very expensive to do so.

We combine our technical skills with proactive communication, project management best practice and rigorous quality assurance to deliver a website that complements your brand.

Many of our clients maintain their own site, and contact us to support them in doing so. Click here to see some samples

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