SMS broadcasts

SMS broadcast is a powerful way for small and medium sized business to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers, suppliers, partners and staff worldwide. At the click of a button, your SMS can be simultaneously relayed to thousands of recipients in seconds. AmityIT’s SMS broadcast solution allows businesses to manage their outgoing and incoming text messages.


We deliver a product that seamlessly interfaces with all major applications and can handle both system and end user generated SMSs. Such integration is a crucial factor in reducing end user training and minimizing employee resistance to process change. Our system allows end users to send SMSs from any device that is email-enabled I.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

But we have to admit - given the tens of vendors that purport to have applications that do more or less the same thing, email integration alone would not set us apart. What makes AmityIT SMS broadcast technology unique is the ability to send SMSs not just from email but almost any business application.

This includes web pages, ERP systems, CRM systems, back office apps, printer drivers, databases and XML feeds. The sophistication of our SMS broadcast service is such that messages can be sent on demand, on schedule or event-triggered. Receipt confirmation is supported so you can keep track of undelivered messages.


From within email apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, end users send SMSs just like they would an ordinary email. Incoming messages can be directed to a single email account or routed to individual accounts based on a set of pre-determined criteria.

For CRM applications, our technology allows for manual or automatic messaging of all contacts or pre-defined groups in the database.

Setup is easy and does not require one to have a highly technical background. All you need is an internet connection. You can count on us whenever you need to communicate mission critical information via SMS to any part of the planet.

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