Quality Assurance Review

Whether you already have a well established in-house quality assurance department or are on the other extreme where you do not see why your business would require a QA team, AmityIT’s software quality assurance team can work with you to realize a top quality system at a reasonable cost.

From supplementary testing assistance to acceptance review prior to product launch, we have what it takes to move the standard of enterprise software to the next level. Many firms that purport to provide software quality assurance are in fact software testers. But quality assurance is much more than testing. It involves a sequence of systematic tasks whose goal is to ensure software is of the highest possible standard.

We always recommend that the quality assurance process begin before the software is deployed into production, preferably during the development phase. That way, our review team can save you the substantial expenditure you would otherwise incur rolling back or altering your systems post-development.

That being said, our staff provide testing, project management, documentation and quality reviews at any stage of the software development process. We can review software post-deployment including detailing the changes necessary to ensure optimization and providing guidance on the prioritization of changes just in case your current budget is not enough to cover all the alterations required.

Instances that our customers frequently reach out to us include:

- Software developers and integrators that need help and/or resources for conducting comprehensive testing and quality assurance.

- Non-software companies who require quality checks on turnkey systems before they sign off user acceptance.

- Companies that plan to setup an in-house quality assurance department and need expert external help on how to do so.



While we have no qualms parading our team as the best in the business, we understand that when it comes to software used in your organization, your staff are the experts. That’s why during the quality assurance process, our QA experts work while embedded within your business in order to establish what your requirements are, suggest the best solutions to achieve your objectives and provide guidance in implementing the solutions.

Our work with several institutions in the past has armed us with a formidable arsenal of practical solutions and industry best practice. But with AmityIT, you can count on one thing – there will be no presumptions or cut-and-paste recommendations. We only use this rich repository of experiences for your benefit and do not allow it to distract us from formulating unique solutions that resonate with each customer’s specific need.

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