Infrastructure Review

The scale and sophistication of corporate technology infrastructure has grown exponentially over the last two decades. The average business’ heavy dependence on IT today can sometimes make it difficult to comprehend that there was hardly anything like network storage at the start of the 1990s.

To say that times have changed would be an understatement.

Today, reliable, stable, resilient and efficient technology is a critical component for the smooth-flowing of business operations. It also provides a assurance on the integrity, security and confidentiality of enterprise data. An infrastructure review is key to understanding the limitations, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your organization’s technology.

We follow a proven, tried and tested methodology for performing world class reviews of your technology infrastructure. By evaluating each IT asset against relevant threats and appropriate controls, we consistently deliver the highest quality, value and business assurance for our customers.

Our infrastructure review includes:

- A dispassionate, big-picture assessment of your current and planned technology environment including a listing of challenges and issues identified

- Smart expenditure recommendations

- System optimization with a view to providing crucial support for your business goals

- Consolidation proposals

Protecting your most important technology assets from the most significant threats they face, starts with first securing all nodes on your corporate network. Our team identifies every significant node then determines the potential inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of each. We perform a thorough analysis of your network, network topology, servers (hardware and software) and power configuration.

Often, a proposed corrective action on one node will not only have repercussions on other nodes on the network but also on business decision making processes as a whole. As such, we will work with you to zero in on a compromise that has the most benefit for your business while reducing risks from infrastructure inefficiencies and security gaps.

Infrastructure reviews are notorious for disrupting business operations. With Amity IT, you need have no such fear of reduced productivity when our team is on the ground. Our assessment is meticulously planned from the start to ensure there is no interviews coincide with significant business events. Even when the review kicks off, our approach ensures minimal need for your staff’s participation neither does it strain your network resources.

Overall, an Amity IT infrastructure review goes beyond simple troubleshooting to provide technology optimization, smart expenditure and strategic investment.

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